"Doug and I would like to thank Ray Gale for his 16 years and ongoing great service as our financial advisor".

"When our parents died we were looking for someone we could trust and advise us on what was best to do with our inheritance and looking to the future to retire. We were both inexperienced with financial matters so needed someone who would explain in a non-threatening pushy manner".

"Ray was the man we came upon when we started our inquires".

"He has taken us on our 16-year journey in a caring, considerate and very helpful way. He is willing to listen to and understand where we were coming from and our needs and expectations."

"Nothing has been too much trouble and he was never critical of our very reserved approach. He is always willing and approachable for an impromptu catch up! He is always straight and up front regarding all fees/ costs".

"Ray is very personable, intelligent, reliable and most importantly trust worthy"

"We have since recommended him to our son and daughter and he also very thoughtfully manages out intellectually disabled brother’s finances. We would highly recommend Ray Gale to anyone who is looking for information or management of their finances".

Kathy and Doug Harrison

“I have been using the financial advice services of Ray Gale for the past 10 years. I first consulted with Ray when planning for my transition to retirement. I have always found him to be professional and honest in the advice he has given. I can highly recommend Ray to those who may be looking for professional financial planning advice.”

Anne, Echuca